Good Customer Service to shout about!

There is an awful lot of stuff on the web about really bad customer service from all sorts of businesses, big and small. But it isn’t all bad news. Here are a few of my recent experiences:


I don’t buy much hardware but for the last year or so I have been using Dell business for mine and, where possible, my client’s PCs and servers. Firstly I would like to say how really top quality this equipment is. I only ever order via my account manager (who was ‘presented’ to me immediately after my first web purchase) and always get a decent price. Delivery has always been on time, although there is sometimes a bit of a wait whilst the kit is built; that’s no problem as they give you an expected delivery date and stick to it.

In addition to this, whenever I have a problem, or even a query, I simply send an email to support and they call me back within minutes to discuss. Then they don’t close the case until I say I’m satisfied.


Ok, enough technical stuff for now. I needed a new close-coupled toilet so I bought a ‘Toilet in a box’ from Wickes (£40 or so). Whilst fitting it I accidentally knocked the cistern lid off and it smashed into far too many pieces to be repaired. The stores all said thay couldn’t help as they don’t carry spares. So, before buying another, I dropped Wickes customer services a line via their on-line contact form, explaining how stupid I’d been. To cut a long story short, I got a call asking for my address, and they sent me a replacement completely free of charge – not even any postage to pay.


Mono (Novell)

Some of the projects I am involved with required publishing .Net code to Linux servers. There is a library of ‘open source’ code supported by Novell. The use of this library is totally free and enables the .Net code to run on Linux. There are occasions when the configuration of this can be a bit tricky. But Novell, who gain no direct revenue from me, are always more than happy to support this product. Why don’t companies who take loads of money from me act like this?


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